Stephie & Baddy

Stephie & Baddy




“Not only have you captured the big, emotional highlights, but also the small details that remain hidden from the normal viewer. How many times have we wondered when and how you have come to certain motives at all, because for us you were almost invisible.

With all professionalism, however, you are two very loving, fun and likeable people. Especially with the couple shooting you made it incredibly easy for us, so it didn’t feel like work – it was really fun.”

There are hardly more beautiful words that a wedding photographer can get. This leaves traces, a feeling of euphoria, of motivation. The eternal striving to capture precisely those moments that move the bride and groom to such feelings and words. Is there anything more beautiful than letting the memories of this special day revive again and again with a smile on your face?

When we look back at the wedding of Stephie and Baddy, this is exactly what happens – and caution when viewing their story – this smile is contagious.